Super League Hall of Champions

Team Modern Super League 2 – MageMarket (Andreas Petersen, Thomas Enevoldsen, Michael Bonde)

Vintage Super League Season 9 – Andreas Petersen

Team Standard Super League – Genesis (Brad Nelson, Seth Manfield, Brian Braun-Duin, Corey Baumeister)

Team Vintage Super League – ChannelFireball (Luis Scott-Vargas, Matt Nass, Sam Pardee, Josh Utter-Leyton)

Team Modern Super League 1 – Play Design Team

Vintage Super League Season 7 – Reid Duke

Team Draft Super League – Peach Garden Oath (Reid Duke, William Jensen, Owen Turtenwald)

Vintage Super League Season 6 – Oliver Tiu

Vintage Super League Season 5 – Eric Froehlich

Community Super League – Kenji Egashira

Vintage Super League Season 4 – Luis Scott-Vargas

Super League Championship – Paul Rietzl

Modern Super League – Shaun McLaren

Standard Super League 2 – Gaby Spartz

Vintage Super League Season 3 – Randy Buehler

Standard Super League 1 – Owen Turtenwald

Vintage Super League Season 2 – Eric Froehlich

Vintage Super League Season 1 – Stephen Menendian


TMSL Teams

Here are full rosters for the teams competing in Team Modern Super League, which starts on May 28 and runs for 13 weeks (with Modern Horizons kicking in starting in week 3).

Emma Handy, Meghan Wolff, Autumn Burchett Scary Pterrys
Melissa DeTora, Paul Cheon, Donald Smith, Andrew Brown, Michael Hinderaker, Jadine Klomparens, Adam Prosak, Michael Majors Play Design Team
Corey Baumeister, Brad Nelson, Brian Braun-Duin Brothers Who Bash
Matt Nass, Sam Pardee, Andy Baeckstrom (w/ LSV and Wrapter) ChannelFireball
Reid Duke, Gabriel Nassif, Logan Nettles Pamplemousse
Saffron Olive, Corbin Hosler, Caleb Durward, and Pleasant Kenobi Brew Crew
Andreas Petersen, Michael Bonde, and Thomas Enevoldsen Mage Market
Jess Estephan, April King, MTGNerdGirl Stream Team

Next Up: Team Modern Super League 2, Starting May 28

The next Super League will be a Team Modern season, beginning a few weeks before Modern Horizons comes out and then extending through the summer.

There will be 8 teams and each show will feature one best-4-of-7 match. After 2 rounds of Swiss the 2-0 teams will get a bye into the Top 4 and the four 1-1 teams will play for the other two spots in the Top 4. Teams will submit 5 different decks for each show, and then we’ll set the schedule up such that all the decks and all the players take a turn before any can be repeated.

I am really excited about the mix of pros and content creators that we have lined up. This should also be a really fun time to explore Modern, and a really fun season!

P.S. Thank you Wizards of the Coast for both sponsoring and supporting this show.

Congratulations to Andreas Petersen!

After his team, Snapcardster, came up one match short in Season 8 Andreas was able to capture the title he so clearly coveted and prove himself to be the king of Vintage Super League Season 9. Congratulations also go out to Rachel Agnes, who finished second, as well as Rich Shay and Randy Buehler, who tied for 3rd. It was a great season all the way around, with good games up and down our playlist on YouTube.

Next up is probably a Team Modern Super League, hopefully starting in late May just before the launch of Modern Horizons. Then Vintage Super League Season 10 is likely to take place in the fall.

Vintage Super League Season 9!

VSL Season 9 will start January 15. 16 individuals will be competing for the title includes a nice mix of Super League veterans and newcomers, and they run the gamut from Hall of Famers to Vintage specialists to content creators and everything in between.

VSL logo square

Each player will play on two nights during the regular season and each night will feature a full round robin between 4 players (aka, everyone plays each of the other 3 players). Anyone who manages a perfect 6-0 during the regular season advances straight to the final show of the season. 5-1 earns a spot in the semifinals while 4-2 earns a berth in the first round of the playoffs. The exact format of the playoffs will vary depending on the number of players who wind up at each record.

Without any further ado, here is the cast for season 9:

Rachel Agnes

Randy Buehler

Erin Campbell

Cyrus Corman-Gill

Brian Coval

Kevin Cron

Brian Kelly

Bob Maher

Seth Manfield

Andy Markiton

Stephen Menendian

Saffron Olive

Andreas Petersen

Andy Probasco

Rich Shay

Matt Sperling

All our shows will be on on Tuesday nights starting at 6pm pacific time, and they will appear on the Wizards YouTube channel 24 hours later. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

This should be fun!

Team Standard Super League

TSSL BracketTeam Standard Super League runs on Tuesday nights starting at 6pm pacific time (not 5) from May 15 through July 10. It will be a shorter season than previous team formats as we’re doing a single elimination bracket this time around. We’re also going to mix up the structure of the matches a bit so that we get to watch all the players and (probably) all the decks too.

Here are the details:

  • 3-player teams submit 5 different* Standard decks
  • *Different means no 2 main decks overlap by more than 10 nonland cards
  • There is no deck banning
  • Teams switch players every round (there is a set schedule that ensures every round is a different pairing, and no one plays again until everyone has had even turns)
  • Players secretly choose decks before each match
  • Teams can’t repeat a deck until they have all been used (and no deck may be played more than twice)
  • First team to win 4 matches is victorious

And now for the fun part – check out this amazing slate of teams!

Viper Brood – Gaby Spartz, Luis Scott-Vargas, Andy Baeckstrom

Stream Dream Team – Kenji Egashira, Caleb Durward, Matthew Foulkes

Brew Crew – Saffron Olive, Todd Stevens, Corbin Hosler

StarCityGames – Emma Handy, Jim Davis, Jadine Klomparens, Collins Mullen

ChannelFireball – Mike Sigrist, Ben Stark, Eric Froehlich

Genesis – Brad Nelson, Seth Manfield, Brian Braun-Duin, Corey Baumeister

Slippery Moguls – Meghan Wolff, Maria Bartholdi, Marshall Sutcliffe

Play Design – Paul Cheon, Melissa de Tora, Tom Ross, Michael Majors, Dan Musser, Andrew Brown, Adam Prosak et al

Team Standard Super League is fully sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. They provide the prizes, access to special “4-of” Magic Online accounts for players to use, and in addition they provide financial compensation to the production staff.

Team Vintage!

Team Vintage Super League starts on Thursday (yes, Thursday) April 19th at 6pm pacific time. The show will follow the same format as the very successful Team Modern season: 8 teams submitting 6 different decks, banning one, and then playing best 4 out of 7 Conqueror style (aka, the winner of any given match keeps playing). We will use the same structure as well: 2 rounds of Swiss with the two 2-0’s getting byes into the Top 4 and the four 1-1’s playing for the other two spots.

TVSL R1 Schedule

Here is the slate of teams that will be competing:

(In video form:

The Academy – Rich Shay, Brian Kelly, Andy Markiton

So Many Insane Plays – Stephen Menendian, Kevin Cron, Jason Jaco, (alternate: Andy Probasco)

Scottsdale Foundation – Paul Rietzl, David Williams, Matt Sperling, (alternate: Bob Maher) – Reid Duke, Eric Froehlich, Randy Buehler

Hornet Queens – Rachel Agnes, Erin Campbell, Athena Froehlich

ChannelFireball – Luis Scott-Vargas, Josh Utter-Leyton, Matt Nass, Sam Pardee

Blue Crab Club – Seth Manfield, Jarvis Yu, Ari Lax – Andreas Petersen, Michael Bonde, Thomas Enevoldsen, (alternate: Julian Knab)

This season should be awesome! See you on Thursday nights (or on YouTube)!

Note: Prize support (but not production support/costs) is provided by Wizards of the Coast. Visit if you want to help fund this and future shows.

VSL Season 7 is Here!

VSL Preseason Teaser

Our format this season has 12 players and we’ll play 9 matches each, with the top 4 records advancing to the playoffs (ties broken by More Magic ™). Each week of the regular season will feature 4 competitors playing 3 matches each, with the makeup of each group being determined randomly.

In addition, all 12 players have agreed not to submit the same deck twice (during the regular season, anyway). We’re looking forward to some quite spicy brewing as we explore the new meta created by the recent changes to the B&R list!

You can support the show on Patreon.