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Whenever a player wins a match, they keep playing (with the same deck) until somebody knocks them off. First team to win 4 matches takes the overall team series. Once a player loses, they are out until everyone on the team has a loss. (In other words, everybody plays until they lose once, and then one person gets a second chance. Functionally, it will play out as best 4 of 7.)

Teams submit 6 different* Modern decks, which are published ahead of time. The opposing team gets to ban one of your decks.  Once a deck loses, it is eliminated. When choosing who plays next, you can send them up with any of your remaining decks. (Yes, with the exception of the first match, you’ll know what you’re playing against.) Note that one deck on the losing side will go unplayed and unbanned. As far as the winning side goes, it could in theory be one player winning 4 straight with the first deck.

*The definition of “different” deck we are working with is as follows: two decks may not overlap by more than two non-land, non-sideboard cards. (There are no constraints on lands or sideboard cards.) The number of cards is not relevant – we just go by card names. So, for example, deck A and deck B can each have 4 Thoughtseize and also 4 Inquisition of Kozilek as long as they have no other main deck spells in common. Deck C may also have 4 Thoughtseize, etc.


Team Genesis: Brian Braun-Duin, Brad Nelson, Seth Manfield

Pamplemousse: Reid Duke. Gabriel Nassif, Logan Nettles

The Brew Crew: Corbin Hosler, Saffron Olive, Todd Stevens

MNVA: Meghan Wolff, Emma Handy, Sam Ihlenfeldt

Team Madison: Caleb Durward, Sam Black, Matt Severa

Play Design Team: Paul Cheon, Tom Ross, Melissa de Tora, COACH = Dan Burdick, ALTERNATES: Everyone else on the Play Design team in R&D

ChannelFireball: Eric Froehlich, Ben Stark, Mike Sigrist, COACH/ALTERNATE: Matt Nass

International Alliance: Raphael Levy, Lee Shi Tian, Patrick Dickmann



February 6: International Alliance versus MNVA

February 13: The Brew Crew versus Team Madison

February 20: Pamplemousse versus Play Design Team

February 27: Genesis versus ChannelFireball


(TBD via Swiss Pairs)


The two 2-0’s will get byes

The four 1-1’s will be paired

(Rematches will be avoided as long as possible)


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