Vintage Super League Season 9!

VSL Season 9 will start January 15. 16 individuals will be competing for the title includes a nice mix of Super League veterans and newcomers, and they run the gamut from Hall of Famers to Vintage specialists to content creators and everything in between.

VSL logo square

Each player will play on two nights during the regular season and each night will feature a full round robin between 4 players (aka, everyone plays each of the other 3 players). Anyone who manages a perfect 6-0 during the regular season advances straight to the final show of the season. 5-1 earns a spot in the semifinals while 4-2 earns a berth in the first round of the playoffs. The exact format of the playoffs will vary depending on the number of players who wind up at each record.

Without any further ado, here is the cast for season 9:

Rachel Agnes

Randy Buehler

Erin Campbell

Cyrus Corman-Gill

Brian Coval

Kevin Cron

Brian Kelly

Bob Maher

Seth Manfield

Andy Markiton

Stephen Menendian

Saffron Olive

Andreas Petersen

Andy Probasco

Rich Shay

Matt Sperling

All our shows will be on on Tuesday nights starting at 6pm pacific time, and they will appear on the Wizards YouTube channel 24 hours later. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

This should be fun!