Week 9 Should Be Awesome


We probably know who our 4 playoff competitors are (though Chris can still tie for a spot by going 2-0 tonight and getting help in the form of a loss by either Rich or Luis), but look how close the battle for last in! If Steve loses then it’s obviously just him, but if Steve beats Chris then all 5 of the other matches feature a player who must win in order to avoid relegation into next season’s play-in tournament.

We will of course play Steve’s match against Chris last, for maximum torture, I mean drama.


Week 8 HYPE!

We start with the Ochoa v Maher match that was postponed from week 7, but we also have to postpone one match – Pikula v Ochoa – to next week. So we’ll have our normal five matches, but with just one week left after tonight we should have well more than our normal share of drama!