VSL Format

“Vintage Super League” Details

Season 7 will have 12 players:

VSL Players Teaser

Three times during the regular season the 12 players will be randomly divided in groups of 4 players each. All 12 players will submit decks at the same time and without knowing who is in their group. Each show will consist of one group playing a full round robin (aka 3 matches per player, 6 matches total).

At the end of 9 weeks, everyone will have played 9 matches. (The schedule won’t be symmetrical, and some players are likely to have easier/harder schedules than others, but that’s just a feature we’ve all agreed to accept.) The Top 4 records advance to the playoffs, with ties broken by playing more matches of Magic (format TBD based on the size of the tie).

The Playoffs will have the 3-seed versus the 4-seed, then the 2-seed versus that winner, then the 1-seed (aka the best record from the regular season) versus that winner. Each playoff round is best 3 out of 5 *matches* with players bringing 3 different decks.

We’re approaching this season as a “Brewer’s Challenge” and so there is no “relegation” and players have agreed not to play the same deck twice (during the regular season).


Season 6 Format:

Season 6 will have 12 players. They will be divided into groups of 4 that will play a full round robin during a single show. Those results will be used to form new groups of 4 including, eventually, a playoff group. Players will submit new decks for each night they play.


Previous Format:

10 players

Round Robin schedule with everyone playing one match per week (for 9 weeks).

Games are played one at a time on Tuesday evening, starting at 5pm pacific time.

Players can change decks every 3 weeks. (So decklists will be submitted before weeks 1, 4, 7, and each round of the playoffs. They will be published after that week’s games.)

Top 4 players make the playoffs.

Ties will be broken through playoff matches.

The playoff format is as follows: #4 plays #3. The winner plays the 2-seed. The winner of that plays the #1 seed in the finals. All matches are best 3 out of 5 matches where each player brings 3 decks, playing them in a preset order and then choosing whichever deck they like for match 4 and match 5 (if necessary). The higher seed gets to choose play/draw in the first match. After that the loser of the previous match gets the choice.

1st place will win a foil set of Vintage Masters while 2nd place gets a foil Black Lotus, 3rd is a regular Black Lotus, and 4th is a regular Mox Sapphire (all on Magic Online, of course).

Last place (including everyone tied for last place) will not be automatically invited back to play the next season, but will instead be demoted to a play-in tournament. (Note that the number of invites at stake in the play-in tournament will be equal to the number of players who wind up tied for last in the previous season.)

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