Team Standard Super League

Decklists are HERE. VODs can be seen HERE. Teams and rules details can be read HERE.

Week 8 Schedule (FINALS!): Genesis defeats Brew Crew 4-2

TSSL W8 Schedule

Week 7 Schedule (3rd Place Match): Stream Dream Team won 4-1

TSSL W7 Schedule

Week 6 Schedule: Brew Crew won 4-2

TSSL W6 Schedule

Week 5 Schedule: Genesis won 4-1

TSSL W5 Schedule


Week 4 Schedule: Play Design won 4-0

TSSL W4 Schedule

Week 3 Schedule: Genesis won 4-1

TSSL W3 Schedule

Week 2 Schedule: Brew Crew won 4-1

TSSL W2 Schedule

Week 1 Schedule: Stream Dream Team won 4-2

TSSL W1 Schedule


TSSL Bracket

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