Team Standard Super League

TSSL BracketTeam Standard Super League runs on Tuesday nights starting at 6pm pacific time (not 5) from May 15 through July 10. It will be a shorter season than previous team formats as we’re doing a single elimination bracket this time around. We’re also going to mix up the structure of the matches a bit so that we get to watch all the players and (probably) all the decks too.

Here are the details:

  • 3-player teams submit 5 different* Standard decks
  • *Different means no 2 main decks overlap by more than 10 nonland cards
  • There is no deck banning
  • Teams switch players every round (there is a set schedule that ensures every round is a different pairing, and no one plays again until everyone has had even turns)
  • Players secretly choose decks before each match
  • Teams can’t repeat a deck until they have all been used (and no deck may be played more than twice)
  • First team to win 4 matches is victorious

And now for the fun part – check out this amazing slate of teams!

Viper Brood – Gaby Spartz, Luis Scott-Vargas, Andy Baeckstrom

Stream Dream Team – Kenji Egashira, Caleb Durward, Matthew Foulkes

Brew Crew – Saffron Olive, Todd Stevens, Corbin Hosler

StarCityGames – Emma Handy, Jim Davis, Jadine Klomparens, Collins Mullen

ChannelFireball – Mike Sigrist, Ben Stark, Eric Froehlich

Genesis – Brad Nelson, Seth Manfield, Brian Braun-Duin, Corey Baumeister

Slippery Moguls – Meghan Wolff, Maria Bartholdi, Marshall Sutcliffe

Play Design – Paul Cheon, Melissa de Tora, Tom Ross, Michael Majors, Dan Musser, Andrew Brown, Adam Prosak et al

Team Standard Super League is fully sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. They provide the prizes, access to special “4-of” Magic Online accounts for players to use, and in addition they provide financial compensation to the production staff.