Team Vintage!

Team Vintage Super League starts on Thursday (yes, Thursday) April 19th at 6pm pacific time. The show will follow the same format as the very successful Team Modern season: 8 teams submitting 6 different decks, banning one, and then playing best 4 out of 7 Conqueror style (aka, the winner of any given match keeps playing). We will use the same structure as well: 2 rounds of Swiss with the two 2-0’s getting byes into the Top 4 and the four 1-1’s playing for the other two spots.

TVSL R1 Schedule

Here is the slate of teams that will be competing:

(In video form:

The Academy – Rich Shay, Brian Kelly, Andy Markiton

So Many Insane Plays – Stephen Menendian, Kevin Cron, Jason Jaco, (alternate: Andy Probasco)

Scottsdale Foundation – Paul Rietzl, David Williams, Matt Sperling, (alternate: Bob Maher) – Reid Duke, Eric Froehlich, Randy Buehler

Hornet Queens – Rachel Agnes, Erin Campbell, Athena Froehlich

ChannelFireball – Luis Scott-Vargas, Josh Utter-Leyton, Matt Nass, Sam Pardee

Blue Crab Club – Seth Manfield, Jarvis Yu, Ari Lax – Andreas Petersen, Michael Bonde, Thomas Enevoldsen, (alternate: Julian Knab)

This season should be awesome! See you on Thursday nights (or on YouTube)!

Note: Prize support (but not production support/costs) is provided by Wizards of the Coast. Visit if you want to help fund this and future shows.