Next Up: Team Modern Super League 2, Starting May 28

The next Super League will be a Team Modern season, beginning a few weeks before Modern Horizons comes out and then extending through the summer.

There will be 8 teams and each show will feature one best-4-of-7 match. After 2 rounds of Swiss the 2-0 teams will get a bye into the Top 4 and the four 1-1 teams will play for the other two spots in the Top 4. Teams will submit 5 different decks for each show, and then we’ll set the schedule up such that all the decks and all the players take a turn before any can be repeated.

I am really excited about the mix of pros and content creators that we have lined up. This should also be a really fun time to explore Modern, and a really fun season!

P.S. Thank you Wizards of the Coast for both sponsoring and supporting this show.

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