Season 6 Starts January 3rd!

8 players will compete for 3 spots in the league starting the Tuesday after New Year’s. Check out our hype video HERE.

One of these 4 players will win a spot during week 1: Reid Duke, Kevin Cron, Oliver Tiu, Andy Probasco

Then one of these 4 will win a spot during week 2: Stephen Menendian, Rachel Agnes, Rodrigo Togores, Caleb Durward

The remaining 6 will play double elimination for the final spot during the last two shows in January. That will round out our newly expanded cast to 12 players when the regular season starts on February 7th.

Meanwhile, here are the players already confirmed for Season 6:

Randy Buehler
Rich Shay
Paul Rietzl
Brian Kelly
David Ochoa
Eric Froehlich
David Williams
Chris Pikula
Bob Maher

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