Season 5 Kicks Off Tonight!

All the dust has settled from our Qualifier Tournament and with Kai Budde grabbing the LCQ slot we wound up with a field of 6 Hall of Famers and 4 Vintage ringers for season 5. Here’s the week 1 schedule and I can’t wait to see what decks people bring to the table!

VSL W1 Schedule


The Bracket!

Winner's BracketLosers Bracket

Here’s the bracket that will govern the next three weeks of Vintage Super League. 18 matches from now we’ll have 4 new league members and then the remaining 8 qualifier players will play a single-elim bracket for the final spot in the league.

VSL Return Pushed to May 3rd

If our one-week postponement contributed any of the pressure that caused Wizards to walk back their previously announced changes to the Platinum benefits within the Pro Player’s Club then it was well worth going without VSL for a week.

With the #PayThePros issue now (mostly) resolved, we can move forward with having fun playing Magic. Our full lineup for the Qualifier Tournament remains in tact and we’ll see everyone on Tuesday!

VSL Returns April 26th

Only half the league managed to finish “not last” in season 4, so Luis, Web, Efro, Rich, and Randy will be watching as 12 players compete for the other 5 spots in the league. We’ve assembled quite the slate to play for those invitations too. Check it out:

Play In Tourny Graphic 2

The details are a bit more complicated, but the format is essentially triple elimination: First we’ll do a double elimination bracket, with 4 byes given to the 4 players who finished last in S4 and 4 qualifications on the line. Then the 8 players who don’t grab one of those spots will play a single elim Last Chance Qualifier for the final spot.