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Next Set of Groups:

Group 1: Feb 28


Group 2: March 7



Group 3: March 14



Rules reminder: 1st and 2nd place from Group 1 make the playoffs, along with 1st place from Group 2, and 1st place from the Wildcard Group. The Wildcard Group plays on March 21st and is composed of 3rd and 4th from Group 1, 2nd from Group 2, and 1st from Group 3. Anyone tied for last (on match wins) in Group 3 is demoted to next season’s Play-In Tournament.

Tiebreakers reminder:

Most match wins in current group

Game win % in current group

Head to Head, looking at the entire season

Match win % for entire season

Game win % for entire season

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Regular Season Groups and Format!

Group A plays Feburary 7th:


Then Group B plays on February 14th:


And Group C battles on February 21st:


Each group will play a round robin on their night (6 total matches). Then we make a second set of groups based on how everyone does: the 3 winners and the best 2nd place finisher go to Group 1. The “middle” four players go to Group 2. And the 3 losers and the worst 3rd place finisher go to Group 3.

After that come the playoffs: The top two from Group 1 (aka the “winners group”) make the playoffs, along with the winner of Group 2. The 4th person in the playoffs will be the winner of the Wild Card group, which will be composed of the other 2 from Group 1, the runner-up from Group 2, and the winner of Group 3.

(Meanwhile anyone tied for last in Group 3 gets relegated down to the play-in tournament for Season 7.)

Season 6 Starts January 3rd!

8 players will compete for 3 spots in the league starting the Tuesday after New Year’s. Check out our hype video HERE.

One of these 4 players will win a spot during week 1: Reid Duke, Kevin Cron, Oliver Tiu, Andy Probasco

Then one of these 4 will win a spot during week 2: Stephen Menendian, Rachel Agnes, Rodrigo Togores, Caleb Durward

The remaining 6 will play double elimination for the final spot during the last two shows in January. That will round out our newly expanded cast to 12 players when the regular season starts on February 7th.

Meanwhile, here are the players already confirmed for Season 6:

Randy Buehler
Rich Shay
Paul Rietzl
Brian Kelly
David Ochoa
Eric Froehlich
David Williams
Chris Pikula
Bob Maher

Season 6 Update

Tentative planning for season 6 has begun, but  we do not (currently) have a title sponsor so season 6 won’t begin until the Patreon hits our funding target. If you want to see another season and can afford to support us, please check out our Patreon page at

If you do make a pledge, please also voice your opinion on the Patreon feed about who you want to see join the league for next season!

Season 5 Playoff Structure

Shuhei Nakamura is the #1 seed based on his 7-2 record in the regular season, and he advances to the finals.

We have a 3-way tie for 2nd – 4th between Rich Shay, Eric Froehlich, and Paul Rietzl. Instead of trying to figure out who is the #2 seed what we’re going to do is have the 3 of them play a full round robin of best 3 out of 5 match series. (So the first two playoff weeks will have 3 total best 3 of 5 match-ups, instead of two.) Whichever one of them defeats the other two will join Shuhei in the finals. If they each go 1-1 then best match win % will be our first tiebreaker, followed by best game win %, followed by another match of Magic.