Quarterfinals Recap

Hello and Welcome! Click the links above to read about VSL, the schedule, and the standings. Click here if you want decklists. If you want to watch the video archives you can click here. Meanwhile, if you just want to hear about this week’s matches then read on.


Some people have asked for a way to follow the Vintage Super League without watching all the matches every week. These match recaps are for them.


Eric tried Dredge yet again in the tiebreaker match versus Luis, but Luis drew lots of sideboard cards (ok, all of his sideboard cards), dropping Eric into the quarterfinals and droppoing Dredge to 0-10 on the season.

The format for each round of the playoffs this season is best 3 out of 5 *matches* where both players to bring 3 decks, labeling them A, B, and C. First deck A plays deck A in a normal best 2 out of 3 games match, then deck B plays deck B, then deck C plays deck C. For matches 4 and 5, if necessary, players can choose any of their 3 decks. And then in the next week of playoffs the winner can bring 3 new decks if he wants to. Note that players are under no obligation to bring different decks, though the free choice in matches 4 and 5 ensures that most players probably will.

Eric brought Doomsday, Workshops, and Mentor with him for the quarterfinals while Randy brought Doomsday, Belcher, and Oath.

The Doomsday mirror match kicked things off and game 1 was quite close with the players trading top-decked Doomsdays until Eric finally got one to resolve (and promptly won). In game 2 Eric was set up for a turn 2 kill, but never got there as Randy won on his own second turn. In game 3 Eric returned the favor, using Fastbond to great effect, Gushing into a Black Lotus and a Doomsday kill before Randy got  a 2nd turn.

Eric leads 1-0

Workshops versus Belcher is a terrible match for Belcher, but Randy did win the die roll and nearly had a turn 1 Tezzeret. However, Eric’s Tangle Wire turned off most of his mana on turn 2 and Randy was afraid to risk his Tolarian Academy, fearing that Eric would have a Wasteland (which he eventually did, but not until turn 4, by which time Randy could have at least Preordained a couple of times). Eric steadily played out lock pieces and Randy never did get enough mana for his opening hand Tezzeret. In game 2 Randy played a turn 1 Goblin Charbelcher, but Eric Wastelanded his Mishra’s Workshop, dropped Chalice on 0 (among other lock pieces) and Randy was never able to get enough mana to activate it.

Eric leads 2-0

In match #3 Eric put a main deck Notion Thief into play when randy used Show and Tell on Griselbrand. The 7/7 flying lifelinker was not good enough to race Eric’s engine of Dig Through Time and Monastery Mentor. In game 2 Eric had Black Lotus for turn 1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Randy didn’t have a Force of Will so he was never really in the game. Notion Thief showed up again, this time comboing with Dack Fayden’s plus ability so that Eric got to draw 2 but randy had to discard two.

Eric wins 3-0 and advances to the semifinals for a re-match against Luis.

2 thoughts on “Quarterfinals Recap”

  1. Love the league. Dislike that decklists are never up in a timely fashion compared to when they are being played. Thanks for considering my feedback and looking forward to watching the rest of the playoffs!


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